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Bathtub JHB-200
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baby bathtub JHB-200 comfortable as nature
Good design
Awarded Good design in competition organized by Korea institute of design promotion
Double structure
Designed in a double-layer to preserve heat different from a single-layer bathtub
1 Silicone bath tub drain plug
Silicone drain plug that is excellent in sealing was made so that babies cannot touch the plug while taking bath.
2 Water-resistant temperature gauge

Installed a temperature gauge to know the temperature of optimal bath
water temperature

1 Steel & polyurethane wheels
It has a high durability by using strong steel wheel frames and polyurethane material, not plastic.
2 Anti-slip system
Adopted silicone rubber packing so as not to move even on a slippery bathtub.
3 Drain to prevent the expansion
Adopted expansion-prevention design at the end of drain to enable draining to the one direction as much as possible.
4 Wall hanger for keeping
It can be hung on a bathroom wall while not in use.
Product name baby bathtub JHB-200
Color pink , green, white
chair color pink , green , blue, etc
Size 790(W) X 470(D)X 300(H)
Weight 4KG
Material ABS, steel, silicone, etc.
Ages for the use up to 36 months old